Now that Autumn is in full swing and winter is quickly approaching, many of us are probably going to be inside a lot more with the lower temperatures. One of my favorite parts about the colder months of the year is the opportunities it gives me to cook more often. So here are a couple of our favorite mushroom recipes to help heat everyone on a cold day.

Portobello stew

“Cold, rainy weather. Fire in the fireplace. Fuzzy slippers covering your toes. Blanket wrapped around your shoulders. This thick, hearty stew. Crusty French baguette. Enough said.”

Mushroom Chia Risotto

I am a BIG fan of any kind of risotto and this recipe is a particular favorite because it is also vegan! Risotto is typically very heavy with cream and butter but this one is made with cashew cream to make it a little bit lighter while also maintaining the classic risotto taste. It also includes chia seeds, which are a great source of protein, and add an extra layer of texture to your dish.

Mushroom Stroganoff

This recipe is great for when you’re in a rush or don’t feel like cooking. The sauce is made with a high-speed blender, so the whole thing comes together in about thirty minutes. It is also a low-fat version of the dish, that doesn’t lose any of its creamy and delicious flavors.

Cauliflower Rice and Mushroom Bowl

These bowls are low carb and are packed with veggies that are great for vegan or paleo friends. Personally, I cook these and pack them for my lunch because they are low-calorie and light, but still filling.

Shiitake Oatmeal

Most people associate oatmeal as a sweet breakfast meal, but lately many have been taking a savory look at the dish. There are plenty of savory oatmeal recipes on the internet, but I enjoy this recipe because you can add smoked mozzarella and paprika for a little kick of flavor.

Mushroom Cardamom Rice Pudding with Dulce de Leche

This recipe is the definition of a labor of love and you’ll realize that if you’ve ever tried to make Dulce de Leche. However, the payoff is sooooo worth it. It also might seem strange to think of a “mushroom dessert,” because mushrooms are typically present in savory dishes, but I promise you this is delicious (just a lot of work).

Spinach and Shroom Bread Pudding

Again, another recipe that you wouldn’t think mushrooms would ever get involved in, but this one is great. The serving size is meant for twelve people, which makes it great for family dinners or get-togethers.

To quote my grandmother’s favorite autumn saying: “there is nothing better than hot food to warm the soul.” So as the temperatures drop and you might find yourself cooking more, don’t forget to add the best kind of food to your dishes, mushrooms. You can also check out our blog to find other ways to integrate mushrooms into your diet or daily routine so just in case you don’t really like cooking, you still reap the full benefits mushrooms have to offer.