Everyone knows that right after Thanksgiving marks the official Holiday season. With the Holidays looking a little different this year, we thought we would put together a list of gifts that you can send to your loved ones you may not be able to see this Holiday Season.

Mushroom Jumper

This vintage style sweater is super comfy and casual. The artwork on the sweatshirt is a real vintage illustration that was turned digital and printable by the seller. It comes in eight different colors and makes a great gift for your favorite mycologist.

Mushroom Socks

Looking for a gift for a friend or family member that you're not super close with? Or maybe you're a grandmother looking for gifts for some grandchildren? Well look no further because I present the "Mushroom Knee High Socks." These bad boys come in two different, earthy colors and are perfect for last minute or a no-idea gift.

Mushroom Mug

Maybe you're looking for something a little bit more practical, something the user will get a kick out of every day. This mushroom print enameled mug is great for the coffee or tea lovers in your life. Decorated with mushrooms like the Super Mario Mushroom and the White Button Mushroom, this gift is perfect for something lowkey.

Functional Mushroom Starter Kit

From our own shop, the fuctional mushroom starter kit is built to get fuctional mushrooms integrated in daily routines. The kit includes one fuctional mushroom product from each of our benefit categories: energy, immunity, chill, and focus; this way you can choose which benefit you or your loved one need the most this year. Adding two or more products from the starter kit gets 5% off your order at checkout.

Truffle Kit

Now to clarify, truffles are not a mushroom, but I would be remise if I did not include this delicious kit in our lineup. Complete with whole and sliced truffles, this kit was created to help culinary lovers make an easy truffle dish. It includes black truffle Carnaroli rice, sliced and whole truffles, extra virgin olive oil, truffle honey, and sauce. This gift is great for someone who loves to cook in your life or is an easy meal to make and share as a gift.

Mushroom Skin Care

This gift contains four different products all infused with mushrooms (specifically Reishi and Chaga) that helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. For those that don't know the benefits of mushroom in beauty products, click this link. And if you want to know a little bit more about Reishi and Chaga before gifting it for someone, you can read about their benefits here.

Mushroom Grow Kit

These gifts are super fun for our favorite green-thumbs. There are lots of mushroom grow kits out on the market right now, so many I couldn't choose just one. Once you've picked out what mushroom you want to gift (enoki, oyster, shiitake), you can head over to website linked to find what is the best grow kit out there for that mushroom.

Amazon.com : White Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit by Forest Origins, Beginner Mushroom  Growing Kit, Top Gardening Gift, Unique Gift, Holiday Gift : Garden &  Outdoor

With that, we hope that you've found or at least have been inspired to find a mushroom gift for those special people in your life. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas everyone and mush-love!