Where did you mushroom journey begin?

A few years ago, we were experimenting with all the good stuff out there in wellness-land, and after much trial and error, we discovered that adaptogenic mushrooms actually delivered on their promise—after several weeks of use, Zoe first noticed increased focus and Erica discovered she was sleeping better, and an inspiration was born!

What is your mushroom spirit animal and why?

Earth Stars! We think they’re so cool, we named our company in their honor. They are feisty little puffball mushrooms that can actually MOVE, they open and close depending on the environment around them. They’re tough, they’re adaptable, and they’re awfully cute. Need we say more?

Quote that you live by?

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

Tell us one of your favorite facts that captivated you with the fungi world.

Humans are more closely related to fungi than any other kingdom -- we actually came FROM fungi!

What is your favorite mushroom pun or funny joke?

Hmm....tricky. We think there's mush-room for improvement on the fungi jokes!