Introducing Shawn and Shroomshot:

It all started with Shawn's passion for foraging wild plants and fungi growing in the local Southern California wilderness. On one of his forays, he came across the medicinal turkey tail mushroom. Excited, he brought it home and began researching, and found data outlining the importance of fungi in our environment and certainly within our bodies. With this knowledge he knew he had come across one of the most under appreciated superfoods. He teamed up with his brother Justin, an investor and entrepreneur, to formulate an easy to consume product that would deliver the health benefits of mushrooms!

Where did you mushroom journey begin?

Our mushroom journey began in the forest, foraging for culinary and medicinal mushrooms such as chanterelles, oysters, and turkey tail mushrooms. At the same time we were, and still are, heavy into fermented foods, learning the art of making yogurts, kefirs, and kombuchas. It was only a matter of time before we started adding medicinal mushrooms into our fermented beverages and Shroomshot was born.

What is your mushroom spirit animal and why?

I'd have to go with the tortoise. They take their time with things and seem to have an inherent wisdom that results from their calm and collected lifestyle.

Quote that you live by?

"A great person can be measured not by what they have but what they can do without" - unknown

Tell us one of your favorite facts that captivated you with the fungi world.

The fact that trees can communicate with each other using the underground internet of mycelium.

What is your favorite mushroom pun or funny joke?

Our mushrooms are myceli-yumm!

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