Introducing Courtney Boyd Myers and AKUA

Courtney Boyd Myers founded AKUA, a modern brand on a mission to become a household name for sustainable, seagreens-based foods.

Where did your mushroom journey begin?

I started taking various herbal and mushroom blends a few years ago to help support my system and manage an auto-immune respiratory condition. Fast forwards 2 years, I launched AKUA to help deliver beneficial herbs and fungi in a delicious on-the-go format.

What is your mushroom spirit animal and why?

Reshi mushroom for sure! In Japanese Reishi means "Supernatural Mushroom" and I think that perfectly describes how beneficial and magical this fungi is.

Tell us one of your favorite facts that captivated you with the fungi world.

They are the largest organisms on the planet!

Quote that you live by.

"How hard can this be? I truly believe that there are solutions to most issues if you are willing to put in the work!" - Unknown

Favorite mushroom pun (or funny joke)?

All mushrooms are edible, but some only once! =)

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