Introducing Alisa Pospekhova and Kindroot

Kindroot was founded by Alisa Pospekhova, a health and wellness enthusiast, avid yogi and an aspiring herbalist. Having felt transformative power of holistic nutrition and plant-based supplements for management of her own auto-immune condition, she set out to develop a line of fun and accessible supplements that people would actually look forward to taking.

Where did you mushroom journey begin?

My functional mushroom journey began at a Summit event when the founder Jeff Rosenthal told me that mushrooms were more than just for tripping and cooking! Then I started drinking Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, and later met the Founder named Tero. I spent nearly a year as a consultant with Four Sigmatic learning an incredibly awesome amount about the fungi kingdom.

What is your mushroom spirit animal and why?

Lion's Mane! I feel a deep, loving connection to this mushroom. They are so beautiful and you can tell just by looking at them how powerful they are for your health.

Quote that you live by?

"Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it's the real thing until it's too late." - Bill Ballance

Tell us one of your favorite facts that captivated you with the fungi world.

Mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants.

What is your favorite mushroom pun or funny joke?

Do you want a Funny or Fungi joke?

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