Now that many of us have transitioned to a remote workplace, school, or just find ourselves generally stuck at home because of COVID-19, we find ourselves with more free-time on our hands. Boredom can overtake anyone easily and you might be taking more naps a week then you expected, but there is no reason to fear because the mushroom is here.

We've compiled a couple things that you could spend a weeknd or to doing in the mushroom space to help educate yourself and give you something fun to do.

Fantastic Fungi

This movie, directed by Louie Schwatzberg in 2019, tracks the world of fungi from the mycelium to the sprouting mushroom. With interviews from experts in the mushroom marketplace, this "consciousness-shifting film" shows us the benefits of  pschydelic, fuctional, and medicinal mushrooms and how they can heal our bodies and save the planet.

Paul Stamets TED Talk

One of the people you will meet in Fantastic Fungi is Paul Stamets, an amazing expert on fungi. But, if you're not interested in watching the whole movie, he has two TED talks that I think should be highlighted. The first, "6 ways mushrooms can save the world," talks about the role of mycelium in biodiversity and how it can help us avoid our extinction. The second is a TED Med talk that he gave in 2011 in San Diego California; he details four different mushrooms that he believes are essential to human health. He tells the story of how his mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and was put on an experimental treatment using turkey tail mushrooms– that was in 2009 and by this speech in 2011, his mother had no detectable tumors.

Michael Pollan's Book

If video isn't your speed and you like more old-fashion books, "How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence" by Michael Pollan is a great read.

“After 50 years underground, psychedelics are back. We are incredibly fortunate to have Michael Pollan be our travel guide for their renaissance. With humility, humor, and deep humanity, he takes us through the history, the characters, and the science of these “mind manifesting” compounds. Along the way, he navigates the mysteries of consciousness, spirituality, and the mind. What he has done previously for gardeners and omnivores, Pollan does brilliantly here for all of us who wonder what it means to be fully human, or even what it means to be."—Thomas R. Insel, MD, former director of National Institute of Mental Health and co-founder and president of Mindstrong Health


And for our auditory friends, there are plently of podcasts out there. Perhaps one with the most options that follows strictly mushrooms is Mushroom Revival. They have lots of different options ranging from how to cook mushrooms to psychedlic healing.

If you're looking for something that maybe isn't strictly mushroom, you can also look at Radiolab. If you've been following our blog you've probably seen or read our article "The Fungus Amungus," which follows a fungi story outlined in a Radiolab Podcast of the same name. Their podcast motto is "Investigating a strange world," and that is exactly what they do; exploring topics like Alzheimers Research to the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I hope that these recommendations have given you something to do or have at the least inspired you in some other way. The Mutliverse Blog is always here to keep you entertained and up to date on the mushroom world, mush-love all!